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We're transforming the nation's homes

hiber is about making coming home each day better for us, one home at a time.

Our vision

At hiber, we want to make your experience of coming home and being at home the best it can possibly be. A hot shower, a warm bath, the feeling you get when everything works in your home. We think every homeowner should have that warm, fuzzy feeling when they walk in their door. That for us is a hiber home. We exist to create that experience for as many homeowners as possible.

We’re starting with boilers. The boiler is the heart of the home. Most homeowners don’t think about them unless they break or get old and noisy. Replacing your boiler today is often stressful, confusing and inconvenient. We’re changing that.

With our fixed price online recommendation tool, our highly qualified Gas Safe engineers, and our tireless focus on customer service, we dramatically improve the experience of purchasing a new boiler. And, if anything goes wrong, you're in safe hands with 10 year manufacturer-backed warranties and our strong aftercare service. Your boiler purchase is your first step towards a hiber home.

Our investors

Our investors have backed companies you probably know, including: